She’s petite, she’s bright-eyed and she has cute clothes!  She is also the first black person and first openly LBGTQ to be press secretary, in addition to being an immigrant. 

On May 13, 2022,  Karine Jean-Pierre replaced the previous press secretary, Jen Psaki, who made the expression “circling back” part of the media’s vocabulary.  Psaki was able to answer questions but with an attitude and a smirk on her face but she departed the white house after 16 months with the promise of having her own show on MSNBC commencing early 2023.  We’ll have to circle back to see if and when this will really happen. 

Karine Jean-Pierre, compared to her predecessors, is the worse press secretary in my lifetime.  She shows no confidence and is totally unprepared at every press briefing, continually answering questions from the media by reading whole paragraphs from a binder. Most of the time she flips through pages looking for answers, then proceeds to make statements that don’t make sense or has nothing to do with the question.

After listening to several daily press briefings, I wonder if she is conscious of the lies she is constantly spewing.  Here is some of the disinformation Jean-Pierre is spreading:

  • Nobody is just walking in across the southern border
  • Inflation was 0% in July
  • Denying that she publicly stated the 2016 election was stolen 
  • Blaming inflation on Putin or claiming that it would be transitory
  • Denying that Biden’s stimulus bill fueled rising inflation
  • Rising gas prices is blamed on Putin, the pandemic and Trump 
  • Falsely claiming that Biden had condemned the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh
  • Denial about critical race theory being taught in schools.
  • Just about everything and everyone who are not democrats, in her mind, is racist including border walls and voter I.D. Laws.

This press secretary has become the master of words, just behind Cackling Kamala, the word salad queen.  When asked about Biden looking for Rep. Jackie Walorski, who passed in August, at a White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health asking, “Where’s Jackie?”, Jean-Pierre said it was because she was on “Top of Mind,” repeating it many times hoping the subject would be dropped.

The definition of top of mind is:  foremost in one’s thoughts, of greatest concern or priority. 

That being said, I would think inflation, crime, open borders, world peace, rising food and gas prices would be on “top of Joe’s mind,” if he even has one.

The job of a competent press secretary has 2 tasks:  To know the president’s views on what’s happening in the world so it can be repeated, and to give daily briefings to the white house reporters and answer their questions. With this administration, I will admit, much time is spent on explaining or walking back what Joe Biden has said, but she also spends time lying about Joe and his policies, bills, and gaffes.      

Unfortunately, as press secretary for this administration, I can’t say anything positive about her demeaner, her presentations or her interviews. Does anyone have a clue why Karine Jean-Pierre was chosen for this position?

Your comments are welcomed.