A little more than one third of the American population is obese.  This is such a sad fact especially since we all see the availability of diet plans advertised all over the media.  Marie Osmond has been bragging about losing 50 pounds on the NutriSystem program, and Jared Fogle explains how he lost 245 lbs just by eating Subway sandwiches.  Sono Bello has their obnoxious commercials showing the results of body contouring, and, of course, we all watched Oprah as she pulled a red wagon of fat on stage.  Do these really work?  Not for Oprah, obviously, but Marie does look and feel better.  I don’t believe a person can really lose 245 pounds by eating sandwiches and still remain sane.  In my opinion, sensible diets will only work if you don’t watch TV, read magazines or check out the food sites online.  Why?  Because it all comes down to money and marketing.  We are inundated with diets and food all at the same time.

The life-like pictures of delicious, high calorie foods are everywhere.  Junk food is synonymous with every sports event, street bazaar and state and county fair and TV watching.  We can’t get away from it.  Some of the junk food is purely obnoxious.  Of course, you all know that I am going to share some of the more disgusting ones with you. 

I do not eat nor will I ever eat Slim Jims, a smoked meat snack that you can gnaw on in public.  Now you can satisfy your sweet craving at the same time by eating chocolate-covered Slim Jims.  For all of you who love bacon, I found a recipe for maple-glazed bacon donuts.  The rage lately seems to include bacon on or in EVERYTHING.  Both these recipes are available on line.

Just found an ad for the ever popular Jimmy Dean sausage with a twist.  Already assembled, you can have a sausage wrapped in a chocolate chip pancake on a stick.  I guess the idea was to make it easy for you to eat your breakfast while driving. 

My last disgusting over-the-top, high calorie meal is the famous mac and cheese used as stuffing in a meat loaf.  Now there’s a heart attack food if I ever saw one.

Good food in moderation is a necessity; junk food is also necessary, but it depends on what kind of junk and how much you suck up.  At the end of the day, who wins?  You or the junk?