Where does one begin to deconstruct the wasteful, over-bloated U.S. funding bill, a.k.a. “Omnibus”?  Officially, H.R. 2617 or ‘‘Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023’’ (https://www.appropriations.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/JRQ121922.PDF).  It’s sectioned by all major U.S. Departments, Divisions, Commissions and “Interests” and lots of ‘fat’, called earmarks.

It’s a gigantic & horrific piece of legislation, to be certain, at 4,100+ pages plus 2,670 explanatory pages!

Assuredly, I did more than most of the U.S. Legislators: I read a healthy portion of it!  While it didn’t improve my appreciation for the U.S.’s legislator’s decisions, it did cure my insomnia!

Congress was perennially, predictably late (3 months) in producing a 2023 Budget.  Thereby, supporting their ongoing mantra: procrastinate on important matters and focus on social ambivalence!  Instead of being responsible by proactively evolving a ‘healthy’ Bill, they wait-and-wait until final moments to produce a ‘strawman’ – reminiscent of a teen cleaning their room in exchange for something desirous!

In perusing the Bill, I separated the actual “funding” portion from the 7,200+ “earmarks” contained in it.  The earmarks represented approximately $1.6 Billion, or roughly 1% of the entire $1.7 Trillion Bill.  The 1% isn’t the issue, it’s the fact these monies go to superfluous things and entitlements leveraged by less-than altruistic legislator’s!

Romina Boccia, Director of Budget and Entitlement Policy at the Cato Institute, wrote an excellent article (https://www.cato.org/blog/five-things-know-about-monstrous-lame-duck-omnibus) in October, predicting the forthcoming blunder, “Omnibus”, by pushing the Bill’s vote date, to as-late-as-possible, assuring it’s passage.  The final vote was reset for Dec. 23rd, the last day prior to Congress’ Christmas break.  I commend Congress members remaining to hastily vote on the Bill AND I condemn them for not reading it’s destructive content.

Oh, and the Upper & Lower Chambers, truly, make certain they are financially covered & healthy!  Beginning on page 1133 of the Bill, you’ll see the 10’s of $ billions they’ve assigned themselves, secretaries, officers, committees, Sergeant-at-Arms, doorkeepers, Chaplain, et al.

Want another example?  Pelosi increased staff annual salaries, via your tax dollars, twice in 2022 from $199,300 to $212,100 (https://www.speaker.gov/newsroom/123022).  And increased MRA (member’s representational allowance) by 21% – that’s discretionary spending!

The past’s cacophony of legislator’s voices decrying an uncontrolled, free-spending government has been replaced by soul-less, shameless, self-serving, power-abusive, useless, oxygen-exchanging, warm-blooded, bi-ped units.

I care not which political party supported the Bill, they are ALL culpable for reckless, unaccountable and capricious stewardship of our tax dollars!

They spend money like a Kardashian on Rodeo Drive…

Submitted by:

Gil Olachea
Ceramica, Scottsdale, AZ