According to the experts (whomever they may be) “Coastal Farmhouse Decor blends the soothing ambiance of seaside living with the warmth of traditional farmhouse design made for those who love to relax and can be used in a beach house or city apartment.?

I take issue with these ideas.  First, I don’t want to walk into a home or apartment located in Tucson or Scottsdale and feel like I got my GPS wrong.  When the views are of Saguaro cactus, mountains and desert, I want to know that I am in the Southwest, not Laguna.  There is something to be said about authenticity and the decor fitting into the location. 

Second, if you prefer the farmhouse look, go live on a farm where you can have a barn, cows and chickens to add to the feel of this decor.

And third, those who love to relax can do this in a contemporary or traditional setting. They can relax on a patio, in their spa bathroom or anywhere they want to nap, read a book or watch TV – anywhere that exudes tranquility and comfort.

If you are curious about trends, several designers have said that the farmhouse look using bead board paneling, simple shaker cabinets, baskets and hooked rugs are out for 2024.  In my opinion, I say go with the farmhouse look if you really love it, although if you live in a territorial home, don’t do it.

Equally, if you want the coastal look and feel of living on the beach when the home is located on the plains of Kansas, go for it if it makes you smile when you walk in the room.

It’s a homeowners dream to have the look they want because no one’s opinion matters more than the person living in the home.