Let’s talk about those plastic gloves food handlers wear.  Over 15 years ago The National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods concluded that bare hand contacts with food contributed greatly to the transmission of foodborne illness.

People working in the food industry are supposed to complete a course and take the test to get an official Arizona food handler’s card! From what I’ve seen in restaurants and supermarkets, there must be a lot of people working without these required cards, or they have short memories and don’t remember the rules when handling food.

I have noticed at several of the deli counters in supermarkets, people waiting on customers are wearing plastic gloves but don’t change them.  They touch the equipment, handle money, stock inventory, etc. while wearing the same pair of gloves. 

Your food is being touched by those well used gloves. . . how gross is that? I have asked people to change their gloves before they touch my food.  Some people get insulted and some graciously do what they were trained to do.

These gloves are not to protect the food handler’s hands, but to protect your food from germs. 

I suggest you take the time to watch people prepare your food order.  If you notice people touching their face, hair, money, equipment or anything else that might be infested with germs, you have the right to refuse the food. 

And, as a postscript, did you ever read the restaurant inspection reports from the Health Department?  Food poisoning is not something to be taken lightly.