From 2008 to mid-2020 I wrote a weekly blog about various things that I thought readers would be interested in for the greater good or just for entertainment.

The Royals and the Kardashians gave me interesting but ridiculous and entertaining subjects to share.  The Queen is now 96 years old and almost, but not quite, ready to call it a day. Harry & Meghan are in their own world acting like brats without a title so, consequently, their popularity in Great Britain as well as the U.S. has taken a nosedive. About the Kardashians? What can I say?  They have come to the end of the road so many people have lost interest in their wild and crazy lives.

Many of my articles were very informative, geared towards people in business.  How to network, information on business cards, how not to get scammed and email etiquette were some of the educational subjects I published.

Of course, many of my writings were just pure opinion, from Football to Black Friday, from crazy drivers to crazy pedestrians and everything in between.

When I changed from “Nancy’s Soapbox” to “In My Opinion,” my focus was on more serious subjects going on in today’s world.  I never seem to run out of subjects to give my opinion on.  If you are a follower of this column, you will remember the Alec Baldwin incident and his ridiculous interview with Stephanopoulos.  And then there was the Rittenhouse decision that caused rioting and protesting.

When I look at what’s going on in the world, I couldn’t decide on what today’s subject would be.  Ukraine is a pathetic disaster that seems to get worse each day.  Putin has been labeled a war criminal by several world leaders, but that means nothing because he is still murdering civilians – men, women and children; bombing hospitals, schools and homes and obliterating cities.

Our southern borders are in crisis and will be catastrophic if and when Biden ends Title 42 enforcement at the border.  Thus far 1.9 million people have entered our country illegally.  Human trafficking and lethal drugs are making the cartels billionaires but this administration seems to look the other way.  This is a subject for another week.

The list of horrendous things going on in our country never ends but is only getting more intense.  I would like to see the day when I have only happy things to write about, but unfortunately that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Feel free to comment on how you feel about this column, the articles I have written, and suggestions for future articles.

To be clear, you will never be censured or blocked when you comment, but please keep your comments humane.