Am I alone in thinking that much of what is going on in some cities is getting to the point of pure revenge & lunacy?  It wasn’t all that long ago when I could voice my opinion without the fear of getting attacked verbally and/or physically abused.  What happen to freedom of speech and respect?  What happen to being safe in one’s own home?  What happen to America?

Some argue that there is justification in tearing down statues, changing the names of streets and buildings, and renaming or changing sports teams’ mascots. Of course, these things would not affect “human life and limb.”   But, where is the justification in shooting people, burning businesses & Federal buildings and looting?  Killing people including innocent children have become the way of life in some of our cities. Policemen have been murdered, maimed and blinded by violent protests. These first responders have put their lives on the line for others, and this is the way they are treated?  There are good and bad everywhere, but civilized people don’t act like animals who stalk their prey and destroy them.

We have been hit with a horrific pandemic and unconscionable individuals trying to take over our country at the same time.  2020 will definitely get a page in history, if not a whole chapter!

I only pray that people become less barbaric and more humane in my lifetime.