Are you better off than you were before Biden became president?  Do you feel the country is going in the right direction?

Tuesday, November 8th is the most important mid-term election in recent history.  Everyone who is eligible to vote must vote. Your vote counts.

Vote for the person who you feel will be the best person for Arizona.  The problems we are facing cannot continue.  Stop illegals, drugs, sex traffickers coming into our country.  We need closed borders.

Stop this ridiculous wok culture. Schools must return to teaching reading, writing, math and science.  Who is for K-12 learning about transgender and sex methods?

The price increases in gas and groceries are not acceptable. Change is possible.

Vote on November 8th, between 6 am and 7 pm.  Plan ahead, don’t wait until 6:55 pm!

Protect your vote. When it leaves your hands, know where it’s going!  

You can drop off your ballot at any ballot drop box, drop-off location, early voting site or Election Day polling location in your county, but I would recommend voting in person or walking your completed ballot to your voting site and depositing it into the box yourself.  Don’t know where to vote?  Check out this site 

Don’t forget to bring your ID.

If you haven’t registered to vote for the mid-term election, you are too late, but you can still register for the Presidential election 2024.

Let’s make America great again!