Traumatized? I don’t think so!

In My Opinion last week (Sept 18) was all about the illegal migrants entering our country, the cost to the American people and what is being done about it by the Biden Administration.

Rarely do I write about the same subject consecutively, but I am making an exception regarding the migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The mainstream media is, of course, writing about how the migrants, mostly from Venezuela, are traumatized because they were transported without their consent. How about these people coming to our country without consent? Martha’s Vineyard was overrun with media but they rarely cover the border problem. Why is that? 

Jacob Love, a staff attorney with the Boston-based Lawyers for Civil Rights nonprofit said, “They’re still in a vulnerable place,” also saying, “They’re scared, they’re traumatized, and they don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s going to take them a long time to get over this. They are “living in limbo.”

So, these 50 Venezuelans, adults and children, came into our country over the southern border illegally, risking their lives through the desert and/or river to get to a better place, not knowing if they were going to live or die.  Many illegals have been controlled by the cartels and coyotes, not knowing what would happen to them. 

Flying to Martha’s Vineyard is traumatizing them? What part of getting free food, free housing, free education, free cellphone, free medical coverage and free living expenses is causing the Boston legal group to file a class action lawsuit on their behalf against DeSantis and other Florida officials.

I doubt very much if these migrants and all the other 2 million+ illegals really planned their itinerary. We have seen multiple pictures of people walking over the border without suitcases and brochures to a vacation spot.  The illegals put the lives of their families and themselves in limbo when they climb over walls, swim through rivers and cross our deserts.  

The migrants say they were told they were flying to Boston or Washington, DC, before they were dropped on a tarmac at Martha’s Vineyard, says the law suit. To an illegal, what is the difference between Boston, Washington D.C, Chicago, New York City or Martha’s Vineyard? Are they educated in American geography, history and politics? I doubt if they know what a “class action suit” is!

The lawyer continued, “They’ve been used as pawns, without their consent, to make a point about immigration and the federal government.” Maybe this is what was needed to draw attention to the border problem since many Americans don’t think it’s a big deal until their lives are affected by these issues. Case in point:  Mayors of Chicago and New York City whining about immigrants in their sanctuary city!

The migrants should be grateful that they are alive and were not one of the 53 dead illegals found in a truck in Texas.  They should be grateful that they haven’t be sex trafficked or murdered by the cartel. And they should be grateful that get are getting money from the American government. As far as the Venezuelans, their country is emptying out the prisons and sending these people to our country, so the American people are the ones who are being traumatized.

Until now, the media has been silent about the southern border and when asked if our borders are safe, Biden, Mayorkas and Jean-Pierre all lie about the status saying they have our borders under control.

As I mentioned last week, the American taxpayers are paying for these people to the tune of $20 billion+ a year.  Each migrant costs you, the taxpayer, $9,232 to support them. 

The migrants have nothing to complain about and should be grateful for what they are being given. 

The United States estimates that the number of homeless in our country is 552,830, as of July 2022.  61% are homeless males and 40% of that number are veterans, the people who fought for our country. This is a testimony to the failure of the government to establish supportive structures for people who join military forces. These are the people in limbo.

It is obvious that the Biden administration has turned a blind eye to our borders and also to our veterans.

In my opinion, we should support the homeless and send the illegals back to their own country. 

Charity begins at home.