The list of subjects I could write about is endless, but today the subject will be about the basic knowledge of our young people.  What precipitated this subject was a YouTube clip I viewed recently which I have shared with you below.

The average graduation rate among ranked schools in the 2022, U.S. News Best High Schools rankings was 88.6% for the 2019-2020 academic year. Graduation rates for public schools in the 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., ranged from an average of 74% to 94%, according to data reported by 17,857 ranked schools.

This rate represents the proportion of students who started high school in ninth grade and graduated four years later. It is an indicator of how well a school is serving all of its students.

To read the entire article and see where your state ranks, click here

With all the resources available, are kids smarter today?  The answer is yes and no.  In my opinion, kids from an early age are more technical than past generations because of the internet and smartphones.  Toddlers are becoming aware of what happens when a button is clicked on a smartphone, and by the time they are in kindergarten, if the equipment is available to them, are learning to code.  Most teenagers, as their grandparents brag, are computer literate, but does it end there?  Do they use the internet to learn about common sense things, basic information about history and geography, world events, government, etc?  There’s another interesting video depicting the knowledge of some young people below.

Constantly texting and watching TikTok videos about hair and make-up does not make a person smart.  They are smart if they use the internet to gain knowledge to reach their goals, if they have goals!  For the successful kids who are working hard on reaching their dreams, I applaud them.  For those who are not using their brain to the fullest potential, shame on them.

Do these kids in the videos sound familiar to you?  Feel free to comment.