As of January 10, 2022, it has been 147 days since this administration bungled the poorly orchestrated withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving more than 60,000 Afghan interpreters, military families and others who worked alongside U.S forces, to a life under the Taliban, who took over leadership of this fallen country in record time.

There is no coordinated US effort to get those left behind out of Afghanistan, but instead, former administration officials and former career military are working with private organizations to rescue these people with no help from our government. The administration never told the truth about the withdrawal or how many people were left abandon and commented that they would get people out who “wanted to leave.” 

The New Yorker said “Afghanistan has become the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Four months after the Biden administration withdrew U.S troops, more than 20 million Afghans are on the brink of famine. 

The Taliban have established a repressive, autocratic state that has carried out more than 100 targeted killings and abductions of former Afghan officials. They have limited girls’ education, banned women from many workplaces, silencing local journalists, and have beaten female protestors in the streets with whips.”

The BBC, on Sept 5, 2021, just a short time after the U.S withdrawal, wrote about life in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over.  I encourage you to read this chilling narrative from 4 people living this nightmare.

During an interview, Joe Biden, when running for president, said “He would bear zero responsibility to what happen to fate of women and children in Afghanistan.”  He also said during an interview with Stephanopoulos “if there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out. In true Biden style, he did not take responsibility for what went wrong during the evacuation even though he was warned about what the repercussions would be if he put his plan into place without listening to his advisors.

While President Biden is rallying for climate control and masks for all, he, his administration and the media have scrubbed the hostages, the Afghan people and the situation from their minds. They have no interest in helping those left behind with the hope that by being silent the situation will go away.

Silence is not a solution.