Waving good-bye to their Uber driver

How many times do we have to hear about elderly drivers causing accidents resulting in injuries and death?  When are we going to, as family members, take action to tell parents, relatives and friends, “The time has come for you to stop driving and sell your car for your sake, and the sake of everyone on the road” ?

This sounds harsh but it is a necessary decision that people must make. I’m sure you have heard that Prince Phillip, 97 years old, just rolled his Land Rover when he hit a car with 2 adults and a baby.

The Prince had no physical injuries but was pulled out of his car via the sunroof by a passerby who said Phillip was very shaken. The passengers in the other vehicle were not as lucky, although, thank God, there were no life-threatening injuries, just cuts and broken bones.

He’s a Prince for Pete’s sake, and has more people at his beck and call than most.  He retired to Sandringham, a cottage worth $65M set on 20,000 acres with all the amenaties a person would need in a lifetime.  

Instead, this moron choses to take his car and go where?  Circle K?  I can understand that he might get board just reading and painting all day.   And what riculous act of Parliament replaced his car within 24 hours so this do-nothing Prince can go cruising with a new Land Rover the day after he totals the old one? Without using seatbelts, I might add.  This guy is loonie tunes, for sure.

Queen Liz, 92 yrs old,  is still driving although according to British law she is not required to have a license or plates on her car.  This must be where the phrase, “God save the Queen” got started.  Or is it, “God save us from the Queen?”

Seriously, where the heck do these two royals have to go that is so important they can’t get an uber?

In my opinion, people in their 90’s should not be driving at all.  I know it’s not the age, specifically, but the mental and physical condition of the person that would determine their ability to drive.  If an elderly person was in an accident, even caused by another driver, the recovery rate is not very good.  

As a side note, I do speak from experience.  I took my mother’s license away from her and sold her car when she was not physically capable of driving in her 70’s.  Yes, she was extremely upset with me, but I felt that I was saving her life, my life and other people on the road.

There comes a time when you gotta do what you gotta do!