Designers Circle Name Tag

Our Designers Circle Name Tag has several benefits:

    *A definite ice breaker when you are networking because you pick the descriptive dangles to let people know who you are and what you do.

    *Money will be donated to Bridging AZ for every name tag ordered.

    *Your Name Tag gets you in free to Designers Circle’s Happy Hours.  Unless of course you still want to donate $5 to our named Charity

Each tag is made of heavy duty plastic with a magnet on the back. No more paper tags to fall off or ruin your clothes.

  • To order your Name Tag, please select one of the options below. 
  • After you have made your selection, a shopping cart will appear.  If information is correct, click on Paypal.
  • AFTER COMPLETING PAYPAL, you will be directed to the order form where you can put all the information you want on your tag. (2nd line can be your company name or a fun description about you)
  • Click on Submit when you have completed all the information for your tag.

Name Tag w/1 or 2 Descriptives – $20
Name Tag w/3 Descriptives – $22
Name Tag w/4 Descriptives – $24

[wp_cart_button name=”Name Tag w/1 or 2 Descriptives” price=”20.00″]
[wp_cart_button name=”Name Tag w/3 Descriptives” price=”22.00″]
[wp_cart_button name=”Name Tag w/4 Descriptives” price=”24.00″]

Name Tag w/5 Descriptives – $26
Name Tag w/6 Descriptives – $28

[wp_cart_button name=”Name Tag w/5 Descriptives” price=”26.00″]
[wp_cart_button name=”Name Tag w/6 Descriptives” price=”28.00″]