Well, it’s here and we can’t ignore it.  That dreaded 100º F plus heat will be with us sooner than we would like. I have been in the valley for 35+ years, and I don’t care what people say, I’ll never get used to it. 

Naturally, it makes sense to relax our dress code at this time of year, but it always seems to go from casual to a little sloppy, and sometimes – very sloppy.  Possibly it has something to do with the fact that Phoenix is really a “resort area,” and tourists have a big influence on what we wear. 

Unless we are hanging out in our house or backyard alone, dressing appropriately is the unwritten rule.  We represent yourselves, your company and your profession.


*If people are focused on your cleavage, then they are not focused on what you are saying. Keep the skimpy and see-through tops in the closet on work days.

*Wet hair is cool on a hot day, but don’t show up at your client’s meeting like you just got out of the shower.  It shows that you are running late and didn’t have time for personal grooming, but at least you took a shower, right?

*If you can’t sit or bend down properly in those short skirts, dump them.  You definitely don’t want people staring at your body parts, so why give them a reason?

*Flip-flops are fun but not for work. By the way, did you ever wonder why they are called “flip-flops?”  It’s because they make a flip-flop-flip-flop sound when you walk in them.  How original!  With that being said, I think the “flip-flop” should not be worn at certain times . . . weddings, business meetings, formal events, riding motorcycles and hiking. This is a no-brainer, right?


*Don’t unbutton your shirt so low that your chest hairs are showing.  Give me a break!  I, for one, don’t want to see that.

*T-shirts with hobbies, inappropriate sayings & pictures printed on them should be reserved for your playtime – not a professional look. And while we’re on “shirts,” those wild prints are a no-no!  Save them for large crowds like a concert,  so people can find you. 

*Don’t wear sandals or flip-flops.  No one wants to see your hairy toes and you probably don’t get pedicures, right?.  Hide those feet!

*When people are not at work, they don’t have to answer to anyone – they don’t have to shave, fix their hair, wear make-up or dress appropriately.  Every day off is a well-deserved vacation! Unless, of course, you run into a customer, or a potential customer, then it’s your call.

Remember – someone is always looking at you.