55indexOf all the things we don’t need in our lives, it’s more unhealthy junk foods loaded with calories and chemicals. Our society seems to revel around foods, good or bad, but that’s the way it is.

We celebrate with food.  Holidays, birthdays, weddings, happy hours, funerals—any excuse to eat. And then, of course, we are bombarded with all the statistics on how these foods affect our bodies.  According to the “list” of unhealthy foods to avoid, everything that tastes good (only my opinion, of course) is not healthy.  Our arteries are getting clogged with Hydrogenated Oils, our liver and kidneys are breaking down from the sugars, our memories are turning to mush and the list goes on. The manufacturers are well aware of the harmful ingredients in their products, but it’s a don’t ask, don’t tell mentality.  Walmart just announced their partnership with Hostess to offer Deep-friend Twinkies at 420 calories a piece.  (Just what those Walmart shoppers need.) Bottom line – it’s all about the money, not helping society.  By the way, don’t rush out to buy some of those caustic bullets.  They won’t be available until August 22nd.

At the same time, we feel guilty if we’re not a size 2 because all the advertisements imply that to be successful, to be liked, to be happy, we can’t be overweight. 

There are apps for your phone and wearable bracelets that count calories for you, keep track of your exercise and let you know the number of steps you walk. And, OMG, if you don’t walk enough, you are given notice to be more active.

If you are not part of a Yoga class and a health gym, you are failing as a productive human being. Your closet should have matching workout clothes and running shoes, and it doesn’t hurt to have matching towels and mats.

We have all known people who maintained a very healthy way of life and passed at a young age.  We also know people who eat everything they want without a second thought and they are living a long life.

But you know what it really comes down to?  Being yourself and being happy.  We’re here on this earth only one time.  Make it count.


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