base_imageYou are probably wondering what the heck “Yo Me” means.  Yo is the simplest communication tool in the worldYou have a list of your best friends, you tap them, their phone shouts “Yo.” It’s that simple.  FYI – This app has been downloaded over 3M times.

This app is for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Initially, the application’s only function was to send the user’s friends the word “yo” as a text and audio notification.

Now the free social-networking app — originally launched by San Francisco engineer Or Arbel as a joke last April Fool’s Day — finally does a lot more than send monosyllabic salutations. It’s been redesigned to be a content notification clearinghouse, tipping users off to new videos, images and articles from an impressive mix of 150 partner websites.

To hook up to Yo’s steady fresh content drip, users log into the app as they normally would, then subscribe to notifications or “Yos” from the content channels they like from the app’s new Yo Store lineup.

Yo content channels are lumped into 10 basic categories including “productivity,” “business,” “news” and the all-important “fun.” Yo-ers can plug into LOL-worthy bits from the lighter side of the Internet — Lil Bub, the web’s most famous feline, Funny Or Die and Cheezburger — to news bursts from mainstream media outlets like BuzzFeed, USA Today and Daily Mail.

FYI from Nancy – Instead of texting which is time consuming, you can let your friends know where you are by Yo’ing them and automatically sending a map of your location. Takes a second to tap.  And yes, I do have the app. for more info.