Today is all about words and reading and learning and more words, and Kroger.

Nancy is not fond of some of the new uses of old words, and who is, really?

Language is important, and there must be a reason why linguists are making such an impression on public discourse in recent months and years (and longer). Two we spoke about, whom you have probably heard of . . . Noam Chomsky Steven Pinker

Education is a good topic, and so is history. We will almost certainly come back to these from time to time, if you want to join in the conversation, come on down!

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About the Show Title

A play on one of Dan’s favorite TED talks from researcher Deb Roy, called The Birth of a Word, well worth a watch (TED talks are about 20 minutes and are almost always interesting, this one is always interesting). Also available on YouTube if you prefer:

Deb Roy: The Birth of a Word on YouTube

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash