Trends are trends…they come and go.  You might like some and you might not like others. Most trends aren’t new. They just pop up every few years.  Some trends like carrara marble and navy blue cabinets are timeless but not every designer agrees.

Listen to find out if our guest, Jan Rutgers, owner and founder of Vestubal School of Design, and Nancy agrees with what the designers have to say.

  • Curved Cabinets are back
  • Windows for backsplashes
  • Omit the upper cabinets
  • Natural Stone is popular, but Quartzite will dominate
  • Earthy tones
  • Hidden Kitchens

Bottom line:  It’s your kitchen, your home.  Do what make you happy and what’s functional for you and your family

Ask yourself if you will you love it in 5 yrs!

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