College Football Hall Of Fame In Atlanta Looted & Destroyed by Rioters

I pride myself in writing about topical subjects, but today I am almost speechless about the events taking place across this great country. 

My heart goes out to Mr. George Floyd’s family and all the victims’ families who have had loved ones die senselessly at the hand of others. That being said, I can completely understand the reason for protesting and demonstrating in response to these unwarranted acts of violence.  Martin Luther King Jr. worked his whole life for change but he was all about nonviolence, and I quote, “In spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.”

Protestors and demonstrators who participate in peaceful events are not standing with rioters and looters.  What happened in Scottsdale Saturday night and in many cities throughout the country were initiated by animal-like humans who seem to have one goal. . . destroy and steal.  And for what reason do these lunatics run wild? It seems to me that certain individuals have a deep hate running through their blood, getting a high from this craziness, and will use ANY excuse to agitate and participate in these vicious acts. In many instances these people are not even residents of the communities that are being destroying.

“The riots, experts said, are demands for justice among those who claim they’ve been unfairly targeted for years. They ignite when people feel as though they have nothing left to lose, when the usual channels for affecting change in a democracy – nonviolent protest, voting – have been ineffective.” (USA Today) 

In my opinion, these acts of violence taking place in Arizona, and many other states had nothing to do with Mr. Floyd’s death and are accomplishing one thing . . . more hate.  

What will happen next is anyone’s guess.