It happened again!  I attended the Hospitality Design Expo this week, so I flew to Las Vegas for the day.  No luggage, no belt, no metal implants, no nothing, but when I went through the TSA x-ray machine they said I lit up the whole screen.  I told them it was because I was so happy to go to Vegas!  They didn’t buy it but instead told me they were going to do a pat down which I found out afterward was a pat up, pat down, pat inside and out. 

They gave me a choice of having the procedure done in front of all the passengers or going behind a screen.  I chose the latter.  They led me into a private room located on the other side of the TSA high security section.  I asked for my shoes so I wouldn’t have to walk barefooted on their dirty floor but my request was turned down. 

Now I ask you- do I look that dangerous?  Anyway, back to my “fun” experience.  The TSA female who did the pat down was about 175 lbs heavier than me and the other one standing guard was about 100 lbs heavier than me.  I had no choice but to submit.  This experience was aggravating and embarrassing to say the least, and more demoralizing than the last pat down I had in January.  I see a pattern here and I can’t do anything about it except drive to Vegas.

As happened in January, when I left Vegas they told me to keep my shoes on, go through the “little” x-ray machine and have a nice day.

While these crazy radicals are killing people in various places throughout our country without  warning, many travelers are frisked at the airport – like this is the only place they will attack?  What about sports arenas, concert venues, train stations, cruise ships, etc. Things have to change NOW!

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