Source: Pahlisch Select

What is Timeless Design?

Timeless design has a balance between what is trendy to timeless looks while keeping the interior modernized and refreshing. Trendy elements can be incorporated with accent pieces and accessories which can always be changed when they have faded and replaced them to keep the space fresh.

Why does Timeless Design matter in a home remodel?

The parts of the home that are most difficult or expensive to change should have a broad appeal. You can then decorate with your personality and preferences in the areas that are more easily changed like artwork, hardware, or paint colors.

Timeless design can also enhance the perceived value of the home. Quality materials and well-thought-out design elements suggest that the home has been well-maintained and built to last.

Components of a Timeless Design

Prioritize Functionality – The foundation of timeless design is functionality where spaces work well for everyone living in the home. Layouts should be intuitive and practical, with ample storage and efficient use of space.

Decorate in a Classic Style – A timeless, classic interior is well balanced with plenty of symmetry. Rooms will be centered around a focal point such as a fireplace. For example, matching occasional chairs will flank the feature element with a mirror or large artwork above.  

Choose Neutral Color Palettes – Neutral colors are a hallmark of timeless design. Shades of white, beige, gray, and soft earth tones create a calm and elegant backdrop that can be easily updated with accessories and furnishings.  Incorporate pops of color in areas that are not as permanent. 

Invest in Quality – Timeless design is about more than the way it looks; it’s about choosing things that will last. Invest in durable materials that age well, such as hardwood floors, stone countertops, and solid wood cabinetry. These materials not only look better with time but also require less maintenance and replacement, making them cost-effective in the long run.