If you’re a minimalist who values aesthetics and enjoys maintaining a well-organized space, an open kitchen design might be the perfect fit. But if you rely heavily on kitchen storage space and practicality, maintaining upper cabinets could be the smarter choice.

Part of the kitchen design process is to really look at how you want to live in the space, what you use regularly, and how you want the kitchen to feel. Then, you need to think about the size of the space you’re working with and if you’re able to accommodate storage in other ways. Providing the ultimate in base storage is an important aspect for this design style.  Drawers and cabinet inserts would aid in the efficiency and functionality but walk-in pantries would be ideal storage.

Why has this look become so popular? Possibly because it provides a look that is both sleek and open. It makes the kitchen have a “less-is-more” attitude encouraging the idea of decluttering and displaying items on the shelves in a more organized way.

Compromising with a mix of wall cabinets and open shelves would be the perfection solution, letting most things be hidden behind doors and display the items that bring the most joy. The best option ultimately boils down to personal preferences and lifestyle.