The Wildwood all-in-one counter and sink has the appearance of forgetting the sink, but it’s just an illusion as the washbasin is created with transparent glass. The effect is quite surreal and a homeowner could have a lot of fun with carefully chosen vignettes below the suggested void. Adding to the image of “what’s missing” is the location of the plumbing itself, mounted behind the sink and under the counter; it is not clear at first where the tap water is supposed to drain.

The counter is an 8cm thick shelf clad in the new Slimtech 3.5mm thick glazed stoneware that is extremely resistant to water and is very easy to clean. The sink is the same depth as the counter, adding to the illusion of the void. The glass bottom of the sink is inclined for faster water drainage.

With the area below the sink free of plumbing pipes, there is plenty of room to create an interesting vignette that can be seen from every angle of the room, even down through the sink itself.

The ideas are endless as to what to do to play up the void. A bouquet of flowers, a statement plant, a beautiful sculpture, or even a pail that “appears” to collect the water (this would be fun in a guest room), the choices are endless. However the vignette is created, the view through the sink will be the most exciting. Awesome design.