I will admit that I was addicted to the Meghan & Harry Cinderella relationship for a short time.  I followed the family dynamics of the Markles and was shocked at what the father and sister were saying about this defenseless one-time actress. 

It was a fairy tale romance that delighted the British people until foal-mouth Meghan started to make known that she was in no way going to follow the rules of the Monarchy. Meghan was going to do it her way or it wasn’t going to happen.  She had Harry at her back defending her all the way, no matter what she demanded.  After all, he was a prince, the son of Diana, and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, so marrying him is her claim to fame, not her acting abilities.

Fast forward to today where it is obvious that this whining duo are hypocritical liars. They gave up their duties as Royals and moved to America with the excuse that they wanted their privacy complaining about the overbearing paparazzi who caused the death of Princess Diana, Harry’s mother. Diana actually died due to the reckless and criminal behavior of Henri Paul, who was driving their car at high speed despite being severely intoxicated. Harry is wrongly blaming the media and has said he doesn’t want his wife and kiddos to be in the situation his mother was in.  This guy needs a reality check and counseling.  

These two X-Royals cried poverty and then moved into a $14M home in California. Meghan went on to complain about her kids not getting their royal titles to the point where King Charles did give them titles but they can’t use “His or Her Royal Highness.”  I don’t think these toddlers really care.

The Oprah interview was full of lies, but did get people wondering who is racist at the palace (no one specifically has been named to this day). Meghan has been playing the race card ever since that interview but, here is something very interesting:  “Rachel Meghan Markle always identified herself as being Caucasian. She lists herself as Caucasian on all her job apps and resumes. The only time she has ever referred to her color is when it suits her narrative.  When visiting South Africa she was a woman of color – never a black woman. Harry threatened his family saying if they didn’t allow him to marry Meghan they would claim it was because of her color! Meghan has aligned herself with the BLM not because she cares for black people but because she wants to use it as a platform to launch herself into politics. She had absolutely no interest before the recent BLM marches. Meghan uses her color as a way of deterring from her bad behavior! Like an anthem she sings racism every time she is caught out lying, scheming, cheating, bullying basically being her toxic self.” This quote was taken from a comment on Quora.

So why am I devoting my time to these overpaid phonies? It’s my way of saving you from spending your precious time on these privileged wanna be spoiled brats.  M & H got $18M from Netflix for doing a documentary.  In my opinion, it’s a waste of time, although I did watch ½ of the 2.5 minute trailer.  You would get more out of watching paint dry!

Harry’s tell-all book will be out in January and I can only speculate what he has written about. Get over it!  It’s been 25 years already since your mother’s death. Meghan has a podcast all about herself, of course.  Another waste of time where she shows her poor acting abilities and lies about the facts.

This pathetic twosome are the masters of manipulation and will continue on their journey until people realize that their mission is nothing more than doing anything and everything for money. Their goal was to have privacy as they write books, do documentaries and podcasts and have an Instagram account.  What’s next?