What goes on in Hollywood doesn’t stay in Hollywood.  It goes viral.  We are conditioned to expect the awards shows, from the Grammys to the Oscars, to be an extravaganza outdoing the previous years. 

The awards are typically given to the winners in different categories who have been voted on by their peers.  The general public has nothing to do with picking the winners, but have been brought into this fiasco for the purposes of marketing.

The pre-award excitement, the gowns and jewelry, the venues, the hosts and hostesses are all part of the scheme to get ratings for the show and to entice people to see the winning movies. 

In the past 45+ years, the awards shows have been platforms for “Hollywooders” to share their views on politics. In 1978 Paddy Chayefsky, iconic author, playwright, and screenwriter, came to the podium to present that evening’s writing awards, he took a moment to respond. “I would like to say — personal opinion, of course — that I am sick and tired of people exploiting the occasion of the Academy Awards for the propagation of their own personal political propaganda.” The applause from the crowd was so intense and immediate that it cut Chayefsky off halfway through his statement. Chayefsky’s thoughts may have been applauded, and then ignored over the years.

The political speeches have been given by winners and presenters every year and why not?  They have a captive audience in the venue, fans watching on TV and reading the happenings on social media.  Many of these speeches come with heart-felt presentations and tears, but don’t forget, these people are actors playing a part, auditioning for their next movie.  Nothing new here.

This year the highlight of the Academy Awards Gala was Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.  Without rehashing the situation because social media and the news outlets been saturated with the event, I will say that if this had happened with non-celebrities there would be consequences for the person doing the slapping and a lawsuit filed by the person being slapped.

Maybe this was planned to increase the ratings of the show since the viewing audience have dwindled over the years.  Or maybe, as Whoppi Goldberg said, Will Smith just snapped.  This is not an excuse for physical violence and yelling profanities afterwards.

As I said before, these are “actors,” so Will Smith’s acceptance speech for the best actor award was emotional and filled with tears. Of course, it was.

Will Smith has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and issued an apology to Chris Rock, his family, blah, blah, blah.  A typical apology most likely written by Smith’s publicist. 

First Jusse Smollett, then Alex Baldwin and now Will Smith.  These are just a few pieces of what goes on in the wilds of Hollywood.

Bet you thought I only write about politics, right?

This is my opinion and welcome comments, as always.