The nobilia booth at EuroCucina. Image courtesy of NKBA | KBIS.

 EuroCucina 2024 and partner event FTK (Technology for the Kitchen) was held in Milan, Italy, April 16 – 21. The innovative kitchen products event highlighted brands from across the globe. The association’s team, along with experts from multiple influential industry brands, shared the most prominent emerging kitchen trends they discovered at the show.


Throughout EuroCucina, the NKBA | KBIS team was astounded by the number of brands showcasing innovative, eco-friendly products. Among them was nobilia , which offered not only green products, including its 100% recycled 2024 SENSO range, but also a green booth, which was 80% reused and recycled from the brand’s 2022 booth.

Kohler emphasized  sustainability and the products that were shown were either brought to market in a sustainable way or made with sustainable materials.

Cosentino introduced an innovative surface, Earthic, which is made of 10% silica or less, at least 30% made of recycled components and manufactured with 100% renewable electric energy and 99% recycled water. The brand also touched on its recycled content, such as Dekton recycled materials and utilizing recycled glass.

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