Are you getting sick of all these unique “made-up” terms for home designs?  Well, there are plenty more to explore.  

Nap Aesthetics are spaces made for napping, curling up and resting that are overtaking formal rooms as a trend. Because of the pandemic many people were suddenly walking to work to their living rooms, possibly while still in their pajamas. Not having to commute to work or go out to lunch, everyone had extra time to take a quick 10 minute nap without anyone knowing.

Sneaking the illicit nap became one of the pandemic’s great pleasures. Naps aren’t just enjoyable; they’re good for your physical and mental wellbeing. People are taking the lessons they’ve learned about wellness and self-care and incorporating them into their lives and their homes.

How to create a napping spot in your home:

Find a spot in your home to sit and relax.

  • Could be a couch or a chair, but comfort is first and foremost.
  • Consider something oversized that really allows you to stretch out. 
  • Fill space with lots of mushy pillows and a plush blanket to keep things cozy.
  • While you don’t necessarily need blackout shades for a quick afternoon nap, you don’t want to be under harsh lighting, either.
  • Dimmers on overhead bulbs and a few soft glow lamps can set the scene for relaxation any time of day.