There were too many events last week, and wouldn’t you know, I attended 6 and gave a Pinterest workshop.  All this in 5 days!  One of the more interesting events, not counting the one I held, of course, was a workshop given by Sally Morse, Director of Creative Services at Hunter Douglas. 

I had second thoughts about attending, only because, lately I have been “running out of time.”  Well, I am certainly glad I got to meet Sally.  It seemed I was the only one at the workshop who didn’t know her.  How is that possible?  She is a creative speaker with a great personality.  That is important when you have worked the whole day and need to stay awake!

imagessmHere’s  a few items from Sally you might keep in mind when working with a customer:

1. Confidence and trust.  This is the number 1 reason why people will buy from you.   If you are not a genuine, honest person, I suggest a different kind of work.  Sales may not be for you.

2.  Value – Does your product or service have a value or worth for the customer?  This is the 2nd reason on the list of “why people buy.”

3.  Quality – People are looking for a quality product with name recognition.  They feel more comfortable with a brand they know.

4.  Selection – Will the selection satisfy them so they feel they made a good choice?  Who buys the first pair of shoes?  No one!

5.  Price – You thought this would be number 1, right?  Today’s customers are savvy and well-educated.  They know by now that you get what you pay for. 

Your job is to be enthusiastic,educate your customer and then make the sale.  Make it fun, enjoy what you do, know your product and understand your customer.  Now go take on the day and do what you do best.