Dark Americana design sounds depressing by its name emphasizing a moody vibe and using the rule of “more is more.” Some of the characteristics would be architectural moldings, intricate wallpaper, classic paint colors and traditional furniture.

Moody Color Palette – Paint colors are of rich, gloomy tones: dark blue, burgundy, dark green, black, grey, and ochre.  The wood tones for furniture and flooring are medium to deep browns. 

Traditional Patterns & Fabrics – Nostalgic prints of plaid, stripes, checks, and gingham in dark colors are examples of vibe.  Rustic fabrics and leathers are used upholstered sofas and chairs.

Vintage Furniture & Fixtures – Vintage furniture and fixtures are important for this style to be complete.  Incorporate Victorian-era pieces like chandeliers, picture frames and accent seating.

Architectural Details – Use intricate wall paneling, ceiling medallions, carved fireplace surrounds, paneled doors, egg and dart molding, or dental molding are a few items that point your design to dark Americana