When a catastrophe happens, or when a particular job having to do with their position requires an appearance, you can be sure that the Biden administration runs the other way.

You remember Biden’s V.P? Cackling Kamala was given the job of Border Czar, and was smug about going to the southern border.  She finally made an appearance in El Paso, miles from the border after her trip to Mexico and Guatemala to fix the “root cause” of the immigration problem.

She actually visited a border patrol station 9 miles from the Rio Grande, and never followed up with the people in Mexico and Guatemala.  Total waste of time and money!

It took Biden 2 years to visit the southern border because he had more important things to do.  When he did go the border, the immigrants had been bussed to locations that could not be seen from the area Biden was to be walking.

Biden chooses to make an appearance at disasters where he can get the best photo op!   He told reporters, as he was leaving for Wilmington, Delaware, that he had no plans to visit East Palestine, Ohio,  and explaining that he wouldn’t make a physical appearance in East Palestine, Ohio, because, as he said, “I did a whole video, I mean, um, what the hell, on…” — struggling to find the next words.

President Trump went to E. Palestine to support the residents, brought pallets of water and bought food for the first responders.

Not until Trump’s visit, did Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, visit the toxic town nearly 3 weeks after the derailment. He ignored reporters’ questions and didn’t want to be on camera. 

When does a small-town mayor with no transportation leadership become part of the presidential cabinet as secretary of Transportation?  As a matter of reference, South Bend, Indiana has the same population of Buckeye, Arizona.

His inexperience was evident during his struggles with the supply chain crisis and had no clear answers for flight disruptions and Federal Aviation Administration system outages.

Pete doesn’t have big boy pants for the job.  Time to resign!