Nancy’s guest this week is Christine Sterling, Client Experience Manager with Image Craft. Christine is an advocate of sustainability and explains how she has encouraged changes at her workplace.  These changes can apply to residential as well as commercial.

An environmentally aware business considers more than just profits — it considers its impact on society and the environment. Such a business is sustainable because it contributes to the health of the structure within which it operates, thereby helping construct an environment in which the business can thrive.

Christine’s changes at Image Craft to help the environment:

  • Recycling container for paper, plastics, plastic bags, batteries, ink cartridges
  • Changed Light bulbs to LED
  • Compactor – non organic
  • Added solar panels – incentives
  • Touch technology faucets and toilets 
  • Motion sensor lights in certain areas
  • Window tinting/shades and shutters
  • Plants to improve air quality
  • Inks & prints low VOC & recycled & recyclable materials
  • Second hand stores for misc. office equipment – shelving, desks, storage furniture, printers, copiers,etc

Changes most everyone can make: 

  • Make compost
  • work at home when possible. Commuting accounts for more than a third of all car travel.
  • Reuse paper bags, envelopes, etc.
  • Maintain possessions instead of discarding them. 
  • Xeriscape with drought-tolerant native species in your yard. 
  • Install low-flow showerheads. 
  • Buy in bulk, and bring your own reusable containers to eliminate wasteful packaging.
  • Plant deciduous shade trees to cut summer cooling bills. 
  • Bike, walk, and use public transit.
  • Install a solar water heater.
  • Buy efficient appliances with smarter designs. 
  • Use non-toxic cleaners. 
  • Tune up your car. 
  • Separate recyclables, and recycle them.
  • Caulk and weather strip, and insulate walls and ceilings. 
  • Fix leaky pipes. 
  • Install low-flush toilets. 



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