Nancy welcomed back Jan Rutgers, kitchen designer and founder of Vestabul School of Design, to chat about the ergonomic use of drawers in the kitchen which has become a very important element in kitchen design.  You will find this podcast enlightening and very interesting.  Find the show notes below: 


  • The first appliance to really embrace drawers was refrigerators.

Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers

  • Manufacturers produced all freezer drawers, all refrigerator drawers and combination refrigerator/freezer drawers.
  • This development also opened up opportunities for the Kitchen Designer to place refrigeration in multiple locations within the kitchen.

Warming Drawers

  • These appliances evolved from the lower drawer that was standard on free-standing ranges.
  • Specifying one under the cooktop or near the dining table are great spots for this handy appliance.

Cup Warming Drawers

  • These cup warming drawers are ideally placed under the coffee maker to keep your expresso or latte cup warm, producing a coffee house experience every time.


  • Dishwasher Drawers offer an ergonomic alternative to swing down doors – first introduced to the North American market by the New Zealand manufacturer Fisher & Paykel.
  • A single dishwasher drawer in the beverage bar for easy glass washing is a good example.


  •  one of the best drawer appliance introductions has been the microwave drawer.
  • The microwave company Sharpe was the first to introduce the microwave drawer. Held a design contest showing the microwave in a drawer.

Vacuum Seal Drawers

  • The newest appliance drawer introduction for the Kitchen is the Vacuum Seal Drawer..
  • A vacuum seal drawer is a chamber-style drawer that can do a variety of things.
  • It can be used to better preserve frozen foods, it removes air to prepare for sous vide cooking and infuses flavors into proteins, vegetables, and oils.

Appliance drawers are a trend that will continue for Kitchen Appliances. Consumers will not want to give up the convenience of sliding out a drawer to access appliances under the counter.

Designer: Nancy Hugo CKD

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