Have you noticed that the Royals have been in the news much more often than in the past?  Could it be because the Queen has been ruling England longer than any other monarch and her oldest son, the useless Prince, is counting the days until he can sit on the throne (you know which one I mean).

I just read the list of what the Queen’s powers are and, in my opinion, she could actually sit home and play with her dogs and England would exist pretty well.  Yes, we would miss all that pomp and circumstance, all those crowns, jewels and medals that adorn them at the photo ops, but really, what does she do?

Personally, I think she really slipped in the parent department.  Out of her 4 kids, one had a real job.  Edward, the youngest, and his wife Sophie, had a business but, unfortunately, they weren’t successful and created some embarrassing moments for the family, so they are being paid compensation to end their business activities and become full-time Royals.

Princess Anne, the Royal Brat of the group, is said to have a filthy temper, a sharp tongue and a low boiling point. She doesn’t show any warmth toward others; being an award winning equestrian shows her heart is with the horses.

We all know enough about Charles to fill a life time.  He insists on having his shoelaces ironed and struts around like a peacock with his ugly bird on his arm just waiting for the Queen to bite the dust.

Last, but not least, Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson, then divorced her but she never left the royal palace.  They have 2 children who are wannna be “pretty” royals, but that’s for another rant.

Three of the four children have been divorced, each have 2 children and titles up the wazoo.  They all live in palaces, cottages or extensions of these grand structures.  Charity work and traveling seems to be their time consuming jobs.

There is some much more I would like to write about but space is limited.  I will say that the Kardashians definitely take a back seat to the Royals.