2017 New Years resolutions, keep calm and welcome 2017.. Out with the old, in with the new!  2017 should prove to be quite a year.  It’s always the ridiculous resolutions that get me.  Checking back on the most common resolutions for 2014, 2015, 2016; and then comparing them to the common 2017 New Years resolutions, I came up with some suggestions:

Make a copy of your resolutions so you don’t have to write them down or think about them for the following year.  They are the same ol’, same ol’ every year. Does that tell you something?

Losing weight was on the list every year.  Yoga pants and running shoes fly out of the stores in record speed every January.  Everyone is so color coordinated and full of energy, but by April they only wear these clothes shopping at the food stores or going out with friends.  By the way, those Yoga pants are not flattering, so maybe keeping them in the closet would be a good resolution.

Enjoying life to the fullest came in as one of the top 5 resolutions.  How do you live life to the fullest?  Possibly by pulling out that bucket list and doing the one thing that would make your life complete.  No bucket list?  Get one!  It’s never too late.

Save money and spend less was also on the list.  If this is on your list, maybe you should forget about enjoying life to the fullest. Then again, are you saving money to pass on to the kids?  Forget that!  Go to your bucket list.

Getting organized has always been my favorite.  Either you are organized or you are not.  Once a messy person, always a messy person so get it off your list, and be less stressed. I’ll drink to that one!

My resolution is to be very positive about 2017.  There’s no sense in me stressing about what can be so I’ll wait to see what is.  Being positive means don’t read fake news (I did it in 2016).  I just read that Queen Elizabeth II died, Kate Middleton is expecting her 3rd royal and Caitlyn Jenner wants to be Bruce again. I have no idea if these things are true, but do I care?  For now, NO!