I am so disappointed in knowing that our government, the people who are suppose to protect the American people from harm, is a master of corruption and manipulation. 

What makes me come to this conclusion? 

For starters, the Steel Dossier, a report compiled by the former British spy Christopher Steele and financed by Democrats and Hillary Clinton, included salacious allegations about Trump’s conduct in Russia and allegations about ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Every new media, politicians, including Hillary, and the mainstream media bombarded us with this false information constantly. Trump was accused of being a Russian operative, and Hillary called him a Russian spy, when she knew that she created this monster. We constantly heard this from every news media, day in and day out. Clinton and her minions were convinced that she would be the first woman president of the United States in 2016. It wasn’t in the stars, Hill.

Our tax dollars paid for Mueller and his crew $34M to look into the Dossier’s validity, when from the beginning, it was obvious that it didn’t have Russian involvement. It was Crooked Hillary who was deeply involved in this, but still has not admitted her wrongdoings. She wrote a book, What Happened? about her presidential loss. Really?  We all could tell her what happened!  Her past caught up with her. Enough said about that sly, conniving, deceitful human being.  She lost and she is where she belongs – nowhere.  

The 2020 election most likely would have turned out differently if the FBI had not gone to great lengths to hide the facts of the Hunter Biden laptop from the American people.  We have been told that the laptop was Russian disinformation. More manipulation! 

There’s a pattern here:  Democrats run illegal operations to control the elections and blame the Russians.  Sounds like a B-movie, right?

It has recently come to light because of the Oversight Committee, headed by James Comer, that the Biden family is involved in many complex, international transactions worth millions of dollars.  Proof of illegal bank transactions, money laundering, illegal trafficking and phony LLC’s are just some of what has been found, but Joe Biden is still lying to the American people about his involvement in his family’s business schemes saying that he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings.  Sorry, Joe!  You lie!

Biden family members sold access for profit around the world to the detriment of American interests. There is proof that the Biden family members have deep ties to China and several other devious countries. It’s obvious that Biden’s foreign policies and actions with certain countries are affected by these business dealings, in my opinion.

I am sure we will find out how and from whom the Biden family became so independently wealthy.

Lastly, let’s look at global warming or climate change, or whatever you want to call it. Biden’s Green New Deal had everyone convinced that we have to follow his plan to save the earth.  Now he’s come up with a new plan, “Environmental Justice”, costing the taxpayers $400 Billion, which will end racism and sexism.  Huh?  Are we suppose to believe everything he says?  The word is control by manipulation. Biden has given billions of our dollars for his plans and to other countries in the name of climate change.  The Inflation Reduction Act cost $370 billion but it didn’t reduce inflation, it raised it, but it got passed anyway. Joe keeps coming up with new plans with huge price tags. When will this stop?

The electric vehicle is one of Biden’s babies.  He would prefer everyone get a car that runs on electricity, but, sorry Joey, that isn’t going to happen, even with the incentives being offered.  They are still expensive and with the rising economy and inflation, I doubt if most of the American public has the money in a piggy bank to make the purchase on a whim. And, Joey, all you talk about is climate change and polluting the air as you have taken Air Force One to Delaware 55 times, when you could use a car.  

No one ever talks about the downside of ev’s. 

  • Finding a Charging station – EV charging stations are fewer and further between than gas stations.
  • Charging takes longer.
  • The driving range on a full charge.
  • Higher Initial Purchase Cost.
  • Replacing the Batteries is Expensive.
  • Tesla battery weighs 1,060 lbs.
  • Extreme cold weather zaps 35% battery power

Don’t want to be manipulated?  Get the news from reliable sources, not from social media.  Before you vote, find out all the facts and vote for someone who will protect the United States, not use us and our taxes for their own gain.