donotcallI am going to assume that I am not the only one getting telemarketing calls constantly on my mobile phone.  They call all hours of the day and night and not on any particular day . . . Monday through Sunday seems to be fair game!   I get calls about my google account, my healthcare needs, my credit card ratings, my cremation plans, etc. And soon we will be bombarded with political calls. Bet you can’t wait for those to start up!!

I thought I would be smarter than those computerized calls by not answering any calls from areas outside of Arizona but now they are using Arizona codes which is extremely sneaky.

What happened to blocking telemarketing calls?  I took the time to “register” my cell phone number on the “Do Not Call List” which we were told would end all those annoying, pesky calls.  Not happening.

We were also told that we could threaten the callers by saying it is against the law to call people on the do not call list.  I tried being forceful but they just hung up.  Of course, I get nowhere yelling at a computerized caller. 

I have blocked these calls but my carrier gives me the capability of blocking only 50 calls  . . . I used that up in a week! 

On the same subject of time-wasting marketing, here’s some interesting statistics: over 100 billion pieces of junk mail goes through the US Post Office yearly. It goes without saying that all this mail ends up in our landfills.  1.3 million trees are killed each year to produce that much paper.  The cost of paper, printing, postage, ridiculous, and it all ends up in the garbage!!  Go figure.

Do I have a solution?  No really.  I decided NOT to answer any calls that have a number I don’t recognize or is not programmed into my phone.  Many of these recorded marketing calls are actually leaving voice messages would you believe? 

As far as junk mail– there is no solution.  The cute lady who delivers our mail cannot filter our mail by law, so I guess I am stuck with all that paper. 

In my next life I won’t be bothered by any of this, I hope!

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