I wasn’t going to chime in on this topical situation but why not? Back to the lesson learned.  If you have an extra half million dollars lying around, don’t waste it on forcing your kids to go to college.

I can’t help but thinking of the stupidity of the Loughlin situation.

One of her daughters is making what would be considered big bucks by having a youtube following with companies paying her many thousands to endorse their products. This particular daughter has said she would go to college for the parties and game days, not really for the education when and if she showed up for class.

Clearly her daughters have beauty and brains, but how did they not know that having someone else fill out their USC applications, and saying they had crew experience when in reality their water experience was pool parties and yachting on the high seas?

If these parents, who I’m sure have do everything possible for their offsprings, would have done some research, they would have found that

  • It is not necessary to have a college education; there are alternatives
  • Kids should not be foreced to do anything after the age of 18, unless it’s a life or death situation
  • Listen to your kids, not just talk to them
  • Paying someone to lie on college applications is illegal
  • Handing over $.5 million to insure a college acceptance is really illegal

This stupid decision has cost this family many millions of dollars, future jobs, reputation, friends and most of all their kids respect, which ironically, they love more than life.

At the end of the day, this Mother did not know best!