Easy to do!  Claim you’re an illegal immigrant seeking asylum!

Little news coverage was presented by main-stream media on the fracas outside an upscale NYC hotel involving illegal asylum-seeking immigrants.

Dozens of illegal immigrants camped in the street outside Manhattan’s Watson Hotel since Sunday (1/29/23), protesting their relocation to a new shelter at a Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook.

Now, I certainly do not know all the details and facts revolving the situation and am deducing many percepts based upon my information sources.  However, the trend is and has been the overwhelming, favorable treatment of non-U.S. citizens.  Namely, the homeless populations of Veterans, families, young-adults and so-on.  Their plight is crippling in comparison to the illegal immigrants pouring through the southern U.S. border.

I will avoid opining on the so-called broken U.S. immigration system in this rant!

I did learn NYC Hall removed the male adults from the hotel (and other such accommodations) to make space for incoming immigrant families. Yes, NYC expects increasing illegal immigrant populations.  But many of those who had been staying, ‘free’, at the three-star NYC hotel complained the alternative Red Hook shelter was not up to “civilized” standards.

The immigrants camping outside the Watson hotel reported there was a lack of clean water, no beds, showers, food and was excessively populated with no space to be comfortable.

NYC Mayor’s office (Eric Adams) rejected the poor and/or un-livable claims of immigrants, and inspected the new facility and confirmed the claims were baseless and inflated by the immigrants in attempt to return to the posh hotel they were occupying.

The new, heated facility has bathrooms with all amenities, clean toilets, communal sinks, laundry facilities, medical care, blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, and sleeping facilities designed to house up-to 1,000 single adult men.  I saw photos of the space filled with neatly fitted cots and plenty of room to avoid being cramped.

Additionally, healthy food and snacks are provided onsite in addition to recreation amenities.

The NY Post reported the Illegal immigrants shared a hotel room with a maximum of one person, and in many cases occupied the room (with private bath) by themselves. The hotel provided room service and laundry services, too.  Additionally, a two-trip MetroCard was given to each immigrant.

Here’s the ‘rub’… All the above is NOT free!  You and I know this.  I’ve researched and discovered the costs are being covered by NYC, N.Y. State and the U.S. Federal government.  Yeah, you got it… YOU & ME!!

So, want to stay in a posh NYC hotel?!  Deny you are a U.S. Citizen, claim you are seeking asylum and your country-of-origin is Venezuela!

“Anguish is assured when depravity prevails” -David Marks

Submitted by:

Gil Olachea
Ceramica, Scottsdale, AZ