When old ideas are so good they come back as nostalgia for the sentimental older generation and timeless classics introduced to the younger generation.  Specifically, we have seen popular TV shows and movies rebooted with new actors and story lines as well as the return of fashion and interior design from years ago.  There’s an old saying, “everything old is new again,” from Jonathan Swift, a 1700’s author.  This is so true when looking at the design trends to reuse, revamp, recycle and revive.

Flooring trends from the past are making a comeback for 2024.  I view these, in my opinion, as suggestions by designers who might be of the Generation X and like vintage trends. 

  • Checkerboard Squares – Especially in black-and-white color patterns with marble or porcelain tiles. Works in bathrooms, kitchens, and entryway spaces giving a classic, retro upgrade.
  • Terra Cotta – Referred to as Saltillo, is was very popular in Arizona in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  It’s a classic flooring that never goes out of style but most people prefer a more even tile with high traffic areas.  Can be used in contemporary, transitional and Mediterranean styles. 
  • Original Wood Flooring –  In the late 19th century, red oak wood planks with an average width of 1.5″ became popular.  Due to the upkeep of wood, many homeowners went with carpeting over the wood flooring.  When new owners of vintage homes discovered the original floor, the choice was to renew the wood giving the room an authentic look of yesteryear.
  • Terrazzo – A composite material typically made from a mix of chips of glass, granite, quartz, or marble mixed with an epoxy resin, it instantly adds textural interest and contrast. It became popular in the Mid Century Modern era.
  • Hex and Penny Mosaic Tiles – this material became popular in the 1920’s Art Deco era and has always been popular.  Available in various materials from metal to ceramic to natural stone to wood, these small mosaics have a mesh backing for easy installation.