Interior Designers have relied on wallpaper for centuries to add color, texture and patterns to spaces, but turned to paint whenever they wanted to create a large one-of-a-kind mural.  Meanwhile, technology did not stand still.

Recent developments in digital printing have opened a whole new world of possibilities – changing empty walls to  breath-taking designs. Even if you are of those people who have a love -hate relationship with wall coverings, there is no denying the many benefits of digital wallpaper. 

Modern consumers with a taste for interior design don’t like settling for off the rack – and they don’t have to thanks to digital printing. Image Craft can easily print custom wallpaper on demand. With all the easy-to-remove substrates available for digital printing today, trend-sensitive consumers can even change their wallpaper just like they change their wardrobe every season. Long or short runs, we can do it all! 

For your next unique masterpiece, call Image Craft and design your custom wallpaper today.  Quick turn around time and expert installers can help make your dream come to life.


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we are bringing your vision to life.

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