I try to stay away from those “the glass is ½ empty people” when I can. You know them! They wear that doom and gloom look, stare at the ground when they walk and can’t seem to utter a positive word. They can be real downers in any conversation since most of the time their major topic is the “poor me” syndrome. No matter what the subject, they have a way of spinning things in a negative direction. Some people can be so negative that they seem to suck the life out of anyone that spends time with them. It would be nice to give them an upbeat boost, but they seem to enjoy that down feeling.

My attitude has always been to enjoy every day because once it’s gone, you don’t get it back for a do-over. My glass is “always full.” Whining is not in my vocabulary, because if I don’t want to hear me complaining, I’m sure my core group doesn’t either.

Being an all around happy person will go a long way towards leading a healthier, happier and more successful life. There is no room for complaining about what should be. Just look around and count your blessings. I have no patience with people who whine about having only one project, or one sale, or one whatever, when there are people who have zero, zilch, nada, zip.

“Put on a Happy Face” was written in the early 60’s. This song has a great message, but the last paragraph really makes the point:

     I knew a girl so gloomy
     She’d never laugh or sing
     She wouldn’t listen to me
     Now she’s a mean old thing

Now use your happy face, and enjoy life!