This will be my last soapbox rant until January 7, 2013, because like everyone else, I want to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.  But, we will spend this holiday with heavy hearts thinking of and praying for everyone involved in the horrendous Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 

This senseless killing will definitely affect those little survivors who listened and saw their classmates, friends and teachers gunned down by an evil person.  We can only hope this will never happen again, but, unfortunately, we know it will.  What can be done to stop these pathetic human beings who harbor hate and revenge, and go on a rampage killing innocent people for no reason?  We don’t know the answers, but as we have heard many, many people say, “Something has to be done.” 

Let’s hope that 2013 and the years that follow will never have incidents like what we have experienced in 2012, and prior years.

Peace and God bless everyone.