Nancys avatarOk, so we are all aware by this time that Oprah had a brush with racism recently in Switzerland.  The incident was straight out of one of my favorite classic movies “Pretty Woman.”  I definitely do not condone judging people by their cover, so to speak.  But the fact that there are purses, or in my world they are called pocketbooks if they are larger than your shoe, selling for $38,000 and more, seems a little unconscionable.  The particular bag Oprah was eyeing was by Tom Ford.  Who is he anyway?  Henry Ford’s heir or Gerald Ford’s cousin?  I never heard of him.  The purse was named for Jennifer Anniston and made of crocodile.  I guess part of the reason for the high price is that there aren’t that many crocodile hunters left in the world.  Steve Erin, we miss you!

What do you carry in such a pricy bag, the crown jewels and the Hope diamond?  You just can’t use any old wallet or cosmetic bag.  These items have to reach the same standards as the purse, whatever that may be.  And, of course, you don’t want to use it every day and wear it out or get bored with it.   So you have to get a second purse, which can’t cost less than the first because you don’t want to use cheap on some days and then have to decide which days are worth using classy.  Ah, pressure!  And then, of course, you don’t want people to think your crocodile is faux, so you should leave the price tag hanging out, just a little. 

I did a some snooping on Google and found that the most expensive purse was created by Japanese jewelry house, Ginza Tanaka.  The purse is made of platinum and is covered in 2,000 diamonds totaling 208 carats, and sells for $1.9 million. Guys, this is a nice trinket for the love of your life.

What are these people thinking?  Don’t they realize that you can get a great car or a small house for $38,000, not to mention feeding a family of 12 for a year?  But, hey, it’s their money to do with as they please. 

As a side note I will say that Oprah earned $77 million last year and gives tons of money to help others.  She can have 2 of Tom’s pocketbooks on each arm in my book.

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