Mobile phones have made it so easy to keep in touch with everyone by talking and/or texting but, unfortunately, phone etiquette is almost non-existent. When the phone rings, it is really not necessary to answer and have the person you are with, wait while you finish your conversation. This is without question, totally inappropriate and ill-mannered. You are sending a message that the person you are with is not as important as the person who called you. Unless that is your intention, letting your phone call go to voice mail would be the better thing to do. That’s why you have the convenience of voice mail.

The other day I was treating myself to a pedicure and people watching, which are both equally enjoyable. There was a woman getting a manicure and talking on her phone. It was time for the other hand to be worked on (you know what I’m talking about) and she would not put the phone down or switch hands. The nail tech waited patiently until she finished her “oh-so-important” conversation. This definitely was not considerate of the nail tech, especially when time is money.

Both my doctor and dentist hve asked if I would like to answer my phone when it rings while I’m in my appointment with them. This seems like a stupid question to begin with, especially since I want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Yes, I should turn off my phone, but I just ignore the ring. By the way, all my ring tones are symphonies which are not obnoxiously annoying, but that’s a subject for another time.

As a side not, why do people have to talk so loudly when they are on their phone in a restaurant or a public place. I really don’t want to listen to their conversation. I applaud those restaurants who do not allow cell phones to interrupt the ambiance of their establishment.

Your phone, whether a smart phone, or just a plain old mobile phone should not be running your life. You should be controlling your time, your conversations and your professional manners. Phone etiquette is part of your business demeanor and represents who you are.