Nancys avatarIt seems like yesterday that the economy was in the dumper and many, many people found themselves unemployed.  Networking events were at a minimum, and most people didn’t know where to network and with whom.  We were told that it would take several years before we saw a recovery in our economy.  I heard 2014 was the year of recovery, but thought it would happen quicker than that because, ultimately, I am an optimist.

I did my part by letting people know where they could network with their peers.  Rather than email the handful of people I knew, I started a blog, a simple, single page that listed all the information for each event.

That was 5 years ago this month.  How time has flown and how Designers Circle has evolved.   It is now a website with 9 information-rich sections mailed to over 2,000 people, weekly.  At any given time, we all know what events & organization meetings are happening in the Valley & Tucson.  Thirty exciting people are currently writing on various subjects, job openings are being posted and the Designers Circle Fan Page, sharing event pictures, has recently been added

Our monthly Happy Hours have been very successful thanks to our advertisers who sponsor these events, and to you, the attendees who enjoy meeting friends and working on new relationships.  And, of course, our Holiday Parties, where 300 people gather to catch up on what transpired throughout the year, and spread holiday cheer and chat about what’s coming up in the year ahead.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting Designers Circle for the last 5 years, and look forward to the next 5 years with excitement and enthusiasm.

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