Do you have tile anywhere in your home? Of course you do!  Over the last decade or so, tile leads floor covering in popularity offering the most creative shapes, looks, and patterns.  

Nancy’s guest is Gil Olachea, owner of Ceramica tile showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Gil and Nancy will discuss tile trends for 2022, what is losing favor with designers.   You don’t want to miss this show.  Our show notes are below. 

Trends can be expensive

  • Changes in trend may dictate updating living spaces
  • Frequency can vary based upon the degree of installed design elements


  • Stone v. Porcelain
  • Popularity & choice is driven by personal preference
  • Purists like natural products – stone, wood, etc.
  • Practicality prefers easy maintenance – i.e. porcelain
  • ‘Looks-like’ wood, stone, fabric...
  • Metal tiles
  • Marble

Cement tile

  • Trade v. Consumer use & popularity
  • handcrafted encaustic cement tile patterns


  •  Predominantly ceramic
  •  Can use porcelain, stone…
  • Hand-made vs Automated Volume Products
  •  Colors, textures, patterns, decoratives…
  • Sizes
  •  What is  “Subway” tile
  • 2″x4″ – 12″x36″ and larger
  • Backsplashes



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