Nancys avatarI could not let this week go by without ranting about the idiot who snapped a picture of his body part resting on a Subway sandwich, and then posted it to Instagram. Would you believe he put his name on it, which was perfect, because then it was easy for Subway to fire him.  Apparently he works at the Columbus, Ohio, Subway location and told his employer it was just a “joke.”  He said he set up the picture at his house, and would never do this at work.  Really?  Such great PR for this company.

Do we actually know what goes on in fast food kitchens throughout this country, and for that matter, in the world?  What goes on in the kitchens does not stay in the kitchens thanks to Twitter, Instagram, facebook, etc.  Posting the most ridiculous pictures to social media to get as many “likes” and followers as possible is the reason why we are privy to these amateur photographer morons.

I, for one, do not eat in fast-food restaurants mainly because the food, no matter what they say, is NOT healthy.  Think about it!  Quality costs money, and junk is cheap.  In addition, the people who work at these quickie places are not paid top quality wages.  Do you think these employees are worried about the customer getting sick from some of the antics we’ve all read about.  Eeeewwww!  I realize it’s a little nauseating to bring up this subject, but someone has to. 

Planting your own veggies in your own garden, then harvesting your veggies with your hands and then preparing them in your kitchen is about the safest thing you can do. Our country’s corn is not fit for human consumption, tons of fruits and vegetables are imported from countries with little or no health codes regarding food, and meat is full of chemicals that are causing all kinds of maladies.

Ah, the advantages of a wine diet.  Vinified under controlled circumstances, there are many great flavors to choose.  Judging by the amount of wine that is consumed at our Happy Hours, I’m not the only one who thinks that wine is very healthy.

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