Perle Blanc stone

In 1972 Durango Stone started with the dream of bringing Italian stone to Designers, Architects, Installers and Distributors who want the timeless quality and beauty that is natural Italian stone.Today they have $17M in quarries, equipment, & infrastructure.

Their newest, modern Breton Slab factory is under construction. This 74,000 square feet plant will feature the highest quality slabs ever produced in Latin America and will come online very soon.

We acquired a partnership with a high-end condominium builder in Mexico, who brings years of stone experience as well as 12 new quarries that have been added to our line, for a current total of 16.

They are blessed with a great line of excellent quality stones, 7 finishes and full custom to commodity natural stone.  Learn more about this amazing company by visiting their showroom..

7946 E McClain Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(602) 438-1001