I don’t think anyone would disagree that there are a lot of crazy things going on in this world. 

One of the craziest is the “GoFundMe” page that was started for Kyle Jenner. The little 20 year old Jenner brat, ops!  . .  I mean darling, is worth $900 million thanks to her cosmetics company.  The company was started in November, 2015 with the sale of 3 lipsticks online.  She was 18 at the time and had graduated high school with experience as a cheerleader.

You might be wondering how such a young person can even start a company and end up being worth that much in 3 years.  Well, folks, it’s called doing things the Kardashian/Jenner way.  Do anything and everything for publicity and the money will come.

Some idiot, namely Josh Ostrovsky, decided Jenner should be a billionaire so he started the campaign.  She ONLY needs $100 million dollars to reach the goal. 

We now have proof that there are166 morons on this earth who have donated $2,318 in the last 10 days.  Now, that’s just crazy.

I can’t end this rant without mentioning the crazy Markle family. Father Markle and trashy sister Markle with a little help from dumb brother Markle are trying their best to sabotage the life of Megan, the Duchess of Sussex. The jealously and vindictiveness displayed towards Megan is over the top. I’m sure these things go on in families all the time, but not covered by the media every minute of every day.

Sounds to me like this will be an ongoing trash party

I do feel sorry for Megan but then again, she has the support of Kensington Palace and the Royals.  She just has to keep smiling and changing her designer clothes 3 times a day and pose for the cameras.  That will keep her mind off the fiasco.   I’m waiting for the movie. This one should be a winner.