Finding a Christmas gift for friends and family is, many times,  difficult and frustrating. If you chose the wrong gift it could go in the back of the closet until you visit that person.  Then they could display for you to see, or if it’s clothing, they could wear it while you are there.  The wrong gift could also be re-gifted unless you know the recipient of the re-gifted item. 

It’s a totally different ballgame when you give a plant for the holidays, or a birthday, or house warming.   There is a whole list of questions before you purchase plants as gifts.

Joe Zanzerra, owner of  Plant Solutions in Scottsdale, is back with Nancy to chat about plant giving as gifts.

We will discuss these plant topics and hopefully help you decide what plant to give or not to give:

  • Are they plant lovers, do they have a green thumb, do they have allergies? 
  • Do they have time to care for houseplants?
  • Is this their first plant or do they have several houseplants?
  • Are there pets living in the house, if yes, we will talk about plants to avoid.
  • Low maintenance indoor houseplants
  • Plants that are toxic to pets and would not be a good choice for a dog & cat owners.
  • Low maintenance indoor plants
  • Plants that make good gifts
  • Don’t ask how the plant is doing, ever!


Find a local nursery, buy a gift certificate and allow the recipient to choose his or her own beautiful houseplant.

Christmas Cactus

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